Neurological Assessment (Nursing)

Neurological Assessment (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

In this course, you will learn how to perform crucial neurological assessments for your patients, such as pupillary responses and evaluation of sensation and motor functions.

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Your Educators of course Neurological Assessment (Nursing)

 Rhonda Lawes

Rhonda Lawes

Rhonda Lawes is a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) and Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma. She worked as a nurse manager at the Saint Francis Hospital and the Broken Arrow Medical Center. She has completed her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at Oklahoma State University.

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great video,thanks lecturio
By Jean Robert M. on 06. May 2020 for Neurological Assessment: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

great videos i enjoyed this neurological lecture series, she is a good teacher

Neurological Assessment (Nursing)
By svetlana m. on 30. April 2020 for Neurological Assessment (Nursing)

Lectures are very well structured. I like Rhonda's style of lecturing, I find it encouraging, very clear, easy to follow and interesting. Thank you Rhonda. I'm not able to give you any improvement ideas as I just stared using Lecturio and find it very good.

Great tutor
By Odunayo O. on 18. April 2020 for Neurological Assessment (Nursing)

I like it. Very explanatory and practical. I'm medical student but I gained so much learning about nursing courses too since nursing is more of practicals