Leadership (Nursing)

Leadership (Nursing)

by Christy Davidson

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 Christy Davidson

Christy Davidson

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I like it because this course was so difficult to me and i get more information from this app
By nimco g. on 04. July 2020 for Leadership and Management (Nursing)

I like this course because before it was difficult to me to understand the leadership but this app make simple to me

Very informative for RN
By SEAN u. on 17. April 2020 for Delegation (Nursing)

I like it very much because the lecture gives an example of each leadership style and it helps me understand. I wish Lecturio provide test bank questions in Leadership topics.

By Carito L. on 23. October 2019 for Health Care Organizations (Nursing)

Excellent review, profesional presentation I like it very much I recommend Lecturio Thank you