Growth and Development – Pediatric Nursing
Growth and Development – Pediatric Nursing

Growth and Development – Pediatric Nursing

by Elizabeth Stone, PHD, RN, CPEN, CHSE, FAEN

From birth to young adulthood, children are continuously changing —hitting milestones and learning new skills. As health status in adulthood can be greatly impacted by childhood development, a comprehensive understanding of pediatric milestones is essential for all nurses.

This course offers a comprehensive look at pediatric growth and development.

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Your Educators of course Growth and Development – Pediatric Nursing

 Elizabeth Stone, PHD, RN, CPEN, CHSE, FAEN

Elizabeth Stone, PHD, RN, CPEN, CHSE, FAEN

Dr. Elizabeth Stone is an Assistant Professor at UNC School of Nursing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Having obtained a PhD in Nursing Science and an MSN in Nursing Education, Dr. Stone is involved in undergraduate nursing education and serves as a pediatric clinical instructor. She is particularly interested in Pediatric Emergency Nursing and serves the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) in a variety of roles. In addition, her research interests include pediatric triage, pediatric head injury assessment, and the use of immersive media in healthcare education.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Stone teaches courses on Pediatric Nursing.

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No explanations and unclear progression with the stages
By Jessica M. on 04. June 2024 for Growth and Development – Pediatric Nursing

Overall this course was ok. There was lots of confusion regarding the stages and no clarification, and I thought the organization was also poor. For example, 4 year olds are stated to have the ability to read “stories” and then after, 5 year olds are claimed to be able to tell “simple stories”. There’s also instances where the slide changes and I’m unsure which stage is what milestone and it’s not clarified within the video. The lack of differentiation bothered me. Thank you for this course.

This course should be more organized and informational for NP student level exam preparation.
By Tanya G. on 14. May 2024 for Growth and Development – Pediatric Nursing

I have enjoyed this program. I have the utmost respect for all professionals presenting complex subject matter. The series presented by Dr. Stone is far too casual, with little to no emphasis on critical terms or pertinent information during her lecture. The previous lectures I viewed for the adult health portion of my studies were organized, paced, and more formal. I do not feel prepared for the growth and development portion of my upcoming exams. I am looking for alternate growth and development resources.

important highlights and simplified with good examples
By Asli H. on 23. February 2024 for Erikson's Psychosocial Stages (Nursing)

Dr. Stone's discussion and points she makes is explained in such a simple manner that is useful for the purposes that I need.