Day 11: Immunology – Watch Videos

Day 11: Immunology – Watch Videos

by Lecturio USMLE, Peter Delves, PhD

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 Lecturio USMLE

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 Peter Delves, PhD

Peter Delves, PhD

Peter Delves, Professor Emeritus of Immunology and former Vice Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at University College London, is not only editor of two encyclopedias but also author of several textbooks and laboratory manuals. His special interest lies in improving an understanding of immunology through both web-based education and face-to-face interaction.

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Exactly what I needed right now! Thank you
By Cani Greg G. on 17. July 2019 for Steps Following the Acute Inflammation

Way better than the 3 hour lecture at our school. Thank you.

Love this program.... NP student
By Burnice S. on 22. May 2019 for Immune System: Overview and Cells

NP student. My school lacks decent lectures. Love this program.

Immersive video
By Chigozirim E. on 29. April 2019 for Phagocytic Cells

Well organised. Interesting. Coherent. As a result, it becomes very easy to absorb the information without getting confused.

Purely Precise and Simple explanation of Complex topics
By robin b. on 14. April 2019 for Acute Phase Response

thanks a lot Doc... for these videos , really helpful and cleared all my doubts