How Are Lecturio's Concept Pages Created?

Scope and Goals of Lecturio's Concept Pages

Who are Concept Pages made for? How can Concept Pages be used?

A Concept Page is a comprehensive, evidence-based study resource that holistically teaches students and professionals medical topics. Examples include atherosclerosis, the citric acid cycle, and anatomy and physiology of the liver. Each page can be used as an adjunct to the medical school curriculum, as well as for the USMLE® and other milestone exams. Additionally, the pages may be used as a resource for clinical experiences, rotations, and clerkships. Lecturio strives to cover all high-yield facts about each topic concisely and efficiently. 

Concept Pages are not just collections of facts. High-quality medical illustrations, images, tables, and mnemonics are used to support the learning process. Diagnostic algorithms and animations help the reader to connect theoretical knowledge with real-life clinical practice. Video lectures by award-winning educators are directly linked on the pages and enable the reader to dive more deeply into the topics. After each study session, the reader can apply the learned material with matched clinical case “Qbank” questions. All the elements allow the reader to more easily grasp new topics, fill knowledge gaps, and reinforce the understanding of challenging subjects.

Lecturio’s criteria for top-quality content: 

  • Accuracy: Ensure information is factually correct and up-to-date. 
  • Relevance/scope: Stay concise while comprehensively covering everything the reader needs to know for milestone exams.
  • Didactics: Create a holistic, highly efficient learning experience by connecting the information with charts, images, video lectures, and other types of media.

Lecturio adheres to the ethical guidelines for peer reviewers as outlined by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics). 

For questions or feedback on Lecturio’s content, please contact the editorial board at

The Peer Review Process at Lecturio

All content items are created and peer-reviewed by Lecturio's team of expert physicians to ensure top quality.

At Lecturio, a team of 50+ physicians including a variety of board-certified specialists are continuously working on creating, maintaining, and improving the content items. Covering a wide variety of specialties (e.g., Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, and Pathology), the team is mutually supportive in research and content creation through a multi-step peer review process.

Editorial process at lecturio

After publication, the content is continuously improved and updated.

Editorial Responsibility

Meet the experts leading Lecturio's team of content creators:

Stanley Oiseth, MD
Chief Medical Editor

Evelin Maza, MD
Senior Manager of
Medical Education

Lindsay Jones, MD
Senior Medical Editor

Working as an Author

Are you a medical doctor or senior medical student with experience in copywriting and would like to become an author at Lecturio? You are welcome to send your application to

Please include the following:

  • Motivational letter: Why do you want to work as an author for Lecturio Medical and how can you contribute toward the achievement of our vision?
  • Resume
  • Certificates and testimonials