The Best Medical Student Blogs

The Best Medical Student Blogs

Don’t know which blogs you should be reading? Don’t know how to navigate through med school? Here’s a list of blogs that range from what pre-med you should be taking to your life in residency. In no particular order, we’ve selected them according to their relevance to medical students, their range of topics, activity level, and what makes them special.


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April 6, 2022

I won’t sugarcoat it: being a medical student is tough. It’s demanding and finding your groove can be a real challenge. But there are ways to know what might work for you and what might not! Sometimes the best way to learn how to be a medical student is from other medical students.

Take note that there are many other blogs out there that you can explore if you don’t find the answers you’re looking for in these. But I hope this list helps you get a start on where to look.

#1: KevinMD

Recognized with various awards for his work as an internal medicine doctor, social media physician speaker, and acclaimed keynote speaker, Kevin Pho, MD, started this blog to reach out to medical students, medical practitioners, and even patients. Written by various contributors in the medical field, the blog topics are very broad and range from personal experiences in medicine to financial tips to articles about certain medical conditions. The blog has its own section for medical students as well.

The site is also quite active, which makes sense given it brands itself as “social media’s leading physician voice.” The site is well organized, so it’s easy to find the topics you’re looking for. Whether you’re a medical student, doctor, or patient, you might find what you’re looking for here.

This blog is one that I read occasionally even before I entered medical school. I included it because it’s broad and provides perspectives from various areas in the medical field. What made KevinMD special for me was the fact that it includes controversial issues like societal pressures and discrimination, policies in medical care, and the inherent issues in hospital systems. The stories they share can both inspire and motivate anyone looking to become a doctor.

#2: Dose of Reality

Dose of Reality is a blog run and written by the students of the University of Michigan, who share their stories and advice. It was started in 2010, and their posts have ranged from the experiences of their students, tips for other medical students, and various advocacies that the students are passionate about.

The site is active and currently offers around 6-8 new articles a month. However, it’s hard to browse topics because the articles are organized chronologically. While the site itself mostly promotes the university it comes from, it’s still a great blog for any medical student curious about what the life of a medical student is like and what medical school might be like for them.

I found this blog interesting because the students who write in it are free to write in their own styles and about the topics they want. It provides a good view of how medical school life can be in a university and a hospital.

#3: Accepted

Accepted is a blog that focuses specifically on getting into your medical school of choice. The site aims to answer the most commonly asked questions by aspiring medical students. While the site also has categories for other fields like law, business, and even undergraduate admissions, their articles on medical school admissions are quite extensive.

The site is relatively easy to navigate because they categorize their content into sections such as helping with admissions, interview preparation, essay guides, and even tips for pre-med. They also update the site regularly, making sure that they cover ground on every aspect that medical schools look for in their students. They even have a test to assess how likely it is you will be selected by your chosen school and the selectibility index of each school.

If you’re a student planning to get into medical school, or even starting as early as pre-med, you might want to check it out. I included this blog on the list not because it’s a popular site, but because it talks extensively about one of the most nerve-wracking processes in medical school: getting in.

#4: A Young Doctor’s Journey (formerly A Medical Student’s Journey)

What happens in medical school? What happens after medical school? This blog’s got answers to these questions and more. Written by young doctor Alexa, this blog focuses on the individual experiences of a medical student, tips for medical students, and even reviews of medical resources!

The site itself looks a bit cluttered, but the articles are placed under easily-to-follow categories. If you’re a student wondering what the life of a medical student is like and are looking for some tips from a fellow student, this blog is what you need. It is also regularly updated, despite the creator’s busy schedule as an emergency medicine resident. Although a full-fledged doctor, Alexa still writes content applicable to medical students.

I put this blog on the list for those looking for a type of blog that follows a particular student’s journey, and also for those who want tips on what resources to use or how residency matching and the USMLE will go. You might find inspiration from the story of a student like you!

#5: Setting Sights

t’s one thing studying to become a doctor. It’s another to balance that with a disability. There are many aspiring doctors who feel like there’s something in their lives keeping their dream just out of reach. But that hasn’t stopped Alexandra Elaine Adams from dreaming to become the UK’s first deafblind doctor.

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The site focuses on Alexandra’s stories about her journey applying and going through medical school by relying on hearing aids, what little is left of her vision, and a lot of support from friends and family. Despite her busy schedule and being hospitalized a few too many times, her blog still remains active, even giving updates about her experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I added this blog for students who doubt their abilities and feel not only discriminated against but stopped repeatedly in their tracks by things out of their control. Spending a lot of time as a patient, Alexandra still continues to strive towards her dreams, showing that you can do it, too.

#6 willpeachMD

Will is a 4th year medical student in Bulgaria who started with a career in journalism before getting into medical school. Written by Will and with occasional contributions from a clinical fellow named Alexandra Goncharova, the blog’s topics revolve around surviving medical school and even premed!

The site offers insights for studying, school life, and it answers common questions in health care. It was started recently, in 2020, and is updated regularly. The site has grown since being recognized by The New York Times, Forbes, U.S. News, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, and other media outlets.

I put this on the list because it includes recommendations for medical learning resources. While finding which one works specially for you is important, this blog can give you insight into where you can start. Will also gives advice on how to handle finances and, if you live in any of the places he writes about, he can refer you to good sources of medical supplies and point you to residencies to apply to.

Special Mention: Lecturio’s Student Blog

A shameless plug? Yes, please! If you’re reading this, you know that Lecturio has its own Student Blog. Apart from being a great resource for study materials, Lecturio features its own blog where students, doctors, and even nurses share their own experiences and tips.

Written by various writers (including yours truly), you’ll find a lot of topics spanning from a day in medical school to glimpses into each specialization. We answer some of the most commonly asked questions from pre-med and medical students and we update it regularly with our growing list of topics. So, while you’re studying and looking for a nice leisure read, you can always drop by the Lecturio Student Blog.

I included this blog because it provides good insights into the lives of students, nurses, and doctors. We have a range of authors from various countries, so you can be sure that you’ll find new perspectives here.

A Final Word

Blogs are a great way of finding the information you’re looking for. Following writers who are (or were) students like you can inspire you in their own way. It makes you aware that even you, who might feel lost or confused about how medical school works, can become a doctor!

We’re all in this together. The internet has a plethora of insightful blogs about medical school. The world needs more aspiring doctors, and there are a lot of students and doctors out there who want to help you out! So it’s okay to look for help from medical blogs. Listening to some stranger on the internet can seem impersonal, but who knows? You might find a blog that gives you that spark of inspiration you need to keep going.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Medical school is a challenge, but it is manageable with proven strategies and good planning.

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