15 Best Nurse Graduation Gifts 

15 Best Nurse Graduation Gifts 

The day has finally arrived! Your favorite student nurse will finally take the long-awaited walk across the stage for their diploma and a final breath of relief as their nursing school journey ends.


15 Best Nurse Graduation Gifts
Jennifer Brady


July 19, 2024

Graduating nursing school is undoubtedly an achievement worth celebrating, so if you’re wondering what gift would be best for the nurse graduate in your life, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to find out the 15 best nurse graduation gifts so the new nurse in your life knows how proud you are of them.

Nurse Graduation Gift Guide

For new nurses, graduation gifts exhibit the pride, appreciation, and understanding of how hard they worked to graduate- *ahem* survive – nursing school. These 15 nurse graduate gift ideas will prepare them for their career and bring a smile to their face.

1. Personalized Stethoscope  

Upgrade your new nursing grad to the 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope. Not only are you giving them the gold standard for “durability, precision, and sound quality,” but you can personalize it with an engraving of their name. 

2. Scrubs

New graduate nurses can finally trade in those outdated nursing school uniforms for modern professional nursing scrubs. Figs Scrubs offer trendy silhouettes and come in a fun assortment of colors, all while providing long-lasting, practical comfort.

3. Nursing Clogs

Dansko nursing clogs make an excellent nurse graduation gift to help start any new nursing career on the right foot. These shoes have been around since the early 20th century, and for a good reason. They provide comfort and can be easily slipped on and off, keeping hands free from germs, and other questionable fluids nurses might find themselves stepping in throughout the day (or night.)

4. Wristwatch for Nurses

During clinical training, nursing students learned how to take vital signs manually, requiring a clock with a second hand to count heartbeats and breaths per minute. Speidel watches for medical professionals are water-resistant, have color-coated 15-second quadrants with a second hand, and both 12 and 24-hour markings to help new nurses document accurately and efficiently every time.

5. Night Shift Nurse Door Hanger

For new nurse graduates, working the night shift is a reality that most will endure. This night shift nurse door hanger will help weary nurses catch up on sleep and keep their bedrooms free of unnecessary disturbances during daytime sleep. 

6. Nurse Travel Mugs

What better way to help ensure your favorite nurse graduate stays hydrated (or caffeinated) during long shifts at work than with a personalized travel mug? Whether your new nurse prefers tea or coffee, a travel mug will keep their beverage hot and toasty while they’re answering call bells. 

7. Coffee Gift Box

Present a new nurse with the gift of caffeine. What else needs to be said? A coffee gift box with a cleverly tagged travel mug, cozy socks, hand sanitizer, mask, and fresh-ground coffee beans says it all. 

Alternatively, gift them a neverending coffee supply with a mini coffee machine that fits on their desk! For example, a Nespresso mini coffee maker as suggested in DiaperCakes’ graduation gift guide.

8. Nurse-Inspired Pen Set

It sounds simple, but pens are a hot commodity in healthcare, and you’d be hard-pressed to find an unclaimed one at a busy nurse’s station. A fun pen set is a perfect gift for a new nurse graduate. Nurses often need to jot down important information at a moment’s notice. Not to mention, these pens will certainly come in handy when they’re prepping for their NCLEX.

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9. Headband with Button Mask Holder

Surprise your new nurse with a pretty headband to hold back pesky flyaways during patient care, all while protecting their ears from irritating mask ear loops. Magnetic buttons attached to creatively designed headbands are a must when working long shifts and masking up.

10. Funny Nurse Candle

Celebrate the achievement of surviving nursing school with a quirky candle that will soothe a new nurse graduate’s senses and help them unwind while they study for the NCLEX. Choose your nurse’s favorite scent and give the gift of relaxation and humor.

11. Customized Nurse Socks

Every nurse needs a comfortable pair of socks. This pair is sure to put a smile on your new nurse’s face because they literally have your new nurse’s face on them! Personalize these soft, breathable socks with a picture of your loved one and fun nursing graphics for a fabulous gift to a nursing school graduate. 

12. Nursing School Graduation Commemorative Plaque

Give a gift that honors your nurse by commemorating their nursing school name and date of graduation. This is a keepsake gift that they will cherish. 

13. NCLEX Pillow

Every nursing student knows they must choose “the most correct answer,” and this pillow pokes fun to elicit laughter and relief that nursing school is finally over. This cheeky gift will make your nurse graduate cry tears of joy that school is over – and motivate them to buckle down studying for the NCLEX. 

14. Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul

“Chicken Soup” books are classics meant to warm the hearts of audiences far and wide. Prepare your new nurse for the meaningful career they have ahead of them by gifting them this book that will inspire them for years to come. 

15. Nursing Cheat Sheets

When your nursing school graduate finally hits the hospital floor running or while busy prepping for the NCLEX, these flashcards will help them remember important clinical information. These will become a mainstay in their scrub pockets as they learn new skills on the job and will help ease the struggle of remembering everything they learned in nursing school. 

Nursing School Graduation: An Event Worth Celebrating

Nursing school graduates deserve to be showered with congratulatory gifts. Give the new nurse in your life something that will make the transition from school to work easier, something light-hearted and comical, or a meaningful token of appreciation for their hard work.

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