, MD
Executive Dean, All American Institute of Medical Sciences in Jamaica

Dr. Horneffer attended Johns Hopkins for medical school and residency and practiced medicine as a cardiac surgeon in Maryland, USA. In mid-career, he was asked to help bring medical education to the underserved in the Pacific area. He accepted the position as Dean of a medical school, based in Independent Samoa, which he led to become the first accredited school in the world to use an entirely online didactic curriculum to educate medical students simultaneously on multiple continents. Today he is helping evolve medical education by serving as Executive Dean for a small, private, government-chartered Jamaican medical school (AAIMS) to improve teaching and training physicians for an underserved part of the country. At Lecturio, he serves as Director of Medical Education Programs, helping shape its innovative learning-science-based offering, which is used by medical students and schools around the world.

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