Availability of high quality medical education taught by experienced instructors is crucial for medical capacity building and health system strengthening, but access is limited in developing and emerging countries. Lecturio wants to address this shortfall. The company has announced the launch of MEDI, a new and groundbreaking Medical Education Development Initiative that aims to support medical capacity building. With this new program, institutions and development organizations can apply to receive top quality medical e-learning resources.

Martin Schlichte, CEO at Lecturio, says: “A world with vanishing physical and practically non-existing digital borders should not be hesitant about spreading specialized knowledge, particularly in such a vital area as medicine. In this context, we see it as our mission to make high quality medical education available for projects and institutions that improve health care and health systems. We want to create the most inspiring and effective online medical education platform around the globe and to do our bit to make the world a healthier place.

Participants of MEDI are provided with free licenses for a selection of more than 500 hours of high-quality online video lectures which are given by hand-picked, renowned medical instructors from universities all over the world. Many of Lecturio’s instructors have received multiple awards for expert instruction. The content of the courses is updated and expanded regularly, and conforms to the internationally upheld standards set by the MCAT and USMLE in the U.S.

You can find more information about MEDI and how to apply on the website: lecturio.com/development-initiative