by Jared Rovny

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Physics and especially the topic of work are often counterintuitive for medical students. This is why your tutor Jared Rovny will break down this vast subject and teach it to you in comprehensive bits and pieces.

In this course you will learn that work is basically how much energy is being given to an object by applying a force to this object. But we won't stop there.

Jared Rovny will address:

  • Work Energy Theorem
  • Work Examples
  • Work, Force and Distance
  • Power
  • Conservative and Nonconservative Forces
  • Mechanical Advantage
  • Efficiency
  • Momentum
  • Collisions

No need to worry about your MCAT exam! High-quality videos, topic reviews, and quizzes will guide you through Physics in a whole new way.

Studying Physics has never been so easy!

Course Details

  • Videos 12
  • Duration 1:05 h
  • Quiz questions 34
  • Concept Pages 1


Your Educators of course Work

 Jared Rovny

Jared Rovny

Dr. Jared Rovny has been a Lecturer at Yale University in Connecticut, USA since 2013.
He obtained his PhD in Physics from Yale University in 2019. He was awarded the D. Allan Bromley Graduate Fellowship in Physics in 2019 and the Princeton Quantum Institute Postdoctoral Fellow in 2020.
Currently, he works with Yale's Center for Teaching and Learning at Yale University.
Due to his achievements, he earned the Yale College Prize Teaching Fellowship for his work in PHYS 171 (University Physics for the Life Sciences).
Within Lecturio, Dr. Rovny teaches courses on Physics.

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Very simple explanation. Intuitive in nature.
By Aaishah F. on 25. November 2017 for Work: Example 1

Very simply explained. He made a concept that I had been struggling with seem very simple. He explained better than my physics instructor who seems to have given up on teaching a subject that is very interesting.

like it very much
By keabetswe r. on 02. March 2017 for Work: As Change in Energy

every concept is made very simple and as short as possible