Understanding Mental Health (Nursing)

Understanding Mental Health (Nursing)

by Brenda Marshall, EdD, MSN, RN

Gain a Better Approach to Understanding Mental Health!

With this Lecturio online course, you can acquire exam-relevant knowledge in mental health. The course starts with several factors that can influence mental health, such as genetics, brain abnormalities, or environmental risk factors. It teaches how mental health can change across a person’s lifespan and the epidemiology of mental health disorders.

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 Brenda Marshall, EdD, MSN, RN

Brenda Marshall, EdD, MSN, RN

Dr. Brenda Marshall is a Professor of Nursing at William Paterson University (WPU) in New Jersey, USA, and a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner with a private practice in New Jersey.
She obtained her Doctor of Education (EdD) from the prestigious Teachers College at Columbia University, New York City. Currently, she also serves as the director of the Center for Research in the College of Science and Health at WPU.
Dr. Marshall is a Fulbright Scholar Specialist in Mental Health and has extensive experience in both nursing and teaching.
Within Lecturio, she teaches courses on Mental Health (Nursing).

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Mental illness, knowing the details
By Mary B. on 11. October 2021 for Mental Health across the Lifespan (Nursing)

I appreciated the amount of information and the intent of valuing the ways a person can see the difference between a few days of sadness and a disorder.