Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry
Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry

Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry

by Jared Rovny

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In this course you will get to know the basic principles of thermodynamics, including the thermodynamic laws and the definitions of basic thermodynamics quantities like energy, heat transferred, enthalpy, entropy, and more. Jared Rovny will be discussing the important properties of chemical reactions and the different phases of matter.

Learn to understand the progression of microscopic activity in terms of the thermodynamic quantities that will be introduced, including how heat transfer affects temperature change. You will be able to use these quantities to quickly understand key properties of chemical reactions, to analyze pressure-volume diagrams in terms of work and understand how phases of matter relate to different pressures and temperatures of matter.

Benefit from the clear explanations of the intricate connections between energy, entropy, and enthalpy, as well as from the clarity and utility that comes from understanding these basic thermodynamics principles.

This course covers:

  • Measurements of Thermodynamics Quantities
  • Energy, Entropy and Enthalpy
  • Pressure-Volume Diagram
  • Phase Diagram

Jared Rovny is committed to the importance of education and has been preparing students for their MCAT with Yale'ss Center for Teaching and Learning for years. He has a strong academic background in Physics research and education and will make sure you are well prepared for your exams.

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Your Educators of course Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry

 Jared Rovny

Jared Rovny

Jared Rovny has a strong academic background in Physics research and education, and currently researches modern topics in medical Physics. He has taught a wide variety of physics classes over many years, receiving awards for his teaching and high recommendations from students. Jared has been helping students prepare specifically for the physics on their MCAT exams for over 7 years, and works hard to create clear, visual explanations. He is committed to the importance of education, working with Yale's Center for Teaching and Learning as he continues to research and teach.

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By Neuer N. on 17. November 2017 for 2nd Law: Entropy

The best lecture I ever heard.I liked everything about it. I would recommend this to all students studying Physics.