Suture Removal (Nursing)
Suture Removal (Nursing)

Suture Removal (Nursing)

by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN
In this course, Samantha Rhea will guide you through all of the relevant aspects of suture removal (nursing).

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Your Educators of course Suture Removal (Nursing)

 Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN, is a Nursing Educator with extensive experience in the higher education industry and acute care facilities, and currently works as a Nursing Instructor at Rogers State University.
She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Nursing Science from Northeastern State University and her Master's degree in Nursing Education from the University of Oklahoma.
Since 2012, she has been teaching nursing students at various universities across the US, while also maintaining clinical practice as a registered nurse.
Within Lecturio, Samantha Rhea teaches courses on the Fundamentals of Nursing.

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great idea to break that down
By Emanuel Y. on 19. October 2021 for Suture Removal: Procedure (Nursing)

well, before watching, I choose 5 stars for all the section because that is better than what I see out there online they have all the 3 in 1 video, that is great, but I would prefer that all broken down