Special Senses – Physiology (Nursing)

Special Senses – Physiology (Nursing)

by Jasmine Clark
In this course, Dr. Jasmine Clark will guide you through all of the relevant aspects of the special senses.

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Your Educators of course Special Senses – Physiology (Nursing)

 Jasmine Clark

Jasmine Clark

Jasmine Clark, Ph.D., is a Senior Clinical Instructor in Nursing in Atlanta, GA. She teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, and Advanced Pathophysiology to undergraduate, pre-nursing students. She truly enjoys being an educator and providing the foundational knowledge upon which students will rely when practicing as a nurse.

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By Bayan M. on 21. February 2021 for Equilibrium: Sense of Balance (Nursing)

you made everything easy and clear. It helps me to get better understanding. thank you

By Catherine C. on 20. October 2020 for Audition: Sense of Hearing (Nursing)

Very easy to understand. Linked and explained all the major concepts very well.

By Catherine C. on 20. October 2020 for Olfaction: Sense of Smell (Nursing)

Good overview and complete presentation. Easily understood all the information.

By july C. on 05. April 2020 for Vision: Anatomy of the Eye (Nursing)

Is easy to understand. Her slides are awesome and I loved the images of the eye muscles