by Jared Rovny

Understand the concepts of sound online!

This course covers the phenomenon of sound, including its basic properties and important dynamics. Your tutor Jared Rovny will discuss the cause of sound, how to describe it, as well as more complex topics like beat frequencies and bounded sound waves.

Learn how to think about sound quantitatively in order to predict key behaviors as it travels through different media. You will also learn about standing waves and how to find fundamental frequencies for waves within defined boundary conditions.

Profit from visual explanations and worked examples of difficult concepts like standing waves and the decibel measurement system.

  • Understand the physical basis of sound and its measurement in decibels.
  • Know the definition of a beat frequency and its source.
  • Be able to describe various properties of a given standing wave.

Jared Rovny is an experienced tutor and a graduate student at Yale University, who has been preparing students for their MCAT for 7 years. Prepare for your exams with high-yield video lectures, topic reviews and quiz questions. Don't miss out on this chance to boost your test scores!

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 Jared Rovny

Jared Rovny

Jared Rovny has a strong academic background in Physics research and education, and currently researches modern topics in medical Physics. He has taught a wide variety of physics classes over many years, receiving awards for his teaching and high recommendations from students. Jared has been helping students prepare specifically for the physics on their MCAT exams for over 7 years, and works hard to create clear, visual explanations. He is committed to the importance of education, working with Yale's Center for Teaching and Learning as he continues to research and teach.

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Great lesson!
By Maria G. on 05. February 2020 for Decibels

Very clear explanations. Thank you guys for your educational efforts. You make studying enjoyable.