Qbank Walkthrough USMLE Step 1 Tutorials

Qbank Walkthrough USMLE Step 1 Tutorials

by Mohammad Hajighasemi-Ossareh, MD, MBA

A Tutorial Course to Help You Pass the USMLE Step 1

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USMLE questions are insanely difficult. To successfully answer them (and pass the exam), you’re going to have to learn to negotiate multi-step thinking.

Lecturio’s Qbank Walkthrough is a special tutorial course we’ve created to help you do just that.

Our Qbank Walkthrough features YouTube star DocOssareh (Mohammad Hajighasemi-Ossareh, MD, MBA), who’ll teach you how to intelligently work your way through whatever type of USMLE question the examiners decide to throw at you on the big day.

In particular, DocOssareh will show you the different types of USMLE questions and how to correctly tackle each one in order to give you the best chance of quickly coming to the right answer.

With our Qbank Walkthrough, you’ll:

  • Learn important tricks about the part of the question known as the 'stem'
  • Become equipped to recognize and filter out red herrings
  • Understand the value of reading the “call of the question” before reading anything else
  • Appreciate the huge strategic advantage you’ll gain by practicing with Lecturio’s USMLE-style questions

DocOssareh believes it’s just as important for you to know why an answer choice was wrong as it is for you to know why it was right.

He also believes it’s vital that you spend time reviewing high-yield information relevant to each practiced question (you’ll be glad to know Lecturio has features and tools to make the retrieval of relevant high-yield info a breeze).

Test-taking strategies? DocOssareh’s got you covered on those, too.

By the time you come to the end of our Qbank Walkthrough tutorial course, you should be in position to wring every last drop of value from any USMLE practice question you select. And come test day, you’ll go in filled with confidence, ready to earn an excellent score.

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 Mohammad Hajighasemi-Ossareh, MD, MBA

Mohammad Hajighasemi-Ossareh, MD, MBA

After graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Dr. Ossareh obtained his Doctorate of Medicine (M.D.) degree at the University of California, Irvine in 2016. Dr. Ossareh is currently completing his Neurology residency at the LAC+USC Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.

Throughout his years of academic and clinical training, Dr. Ossareh has created and continues to operate the original YouTube Channel for pre-med and medical students with over 60,000 subscribers and over 4 million views. Given Dr. Ossareh's years of experience in medical education, viewers will benefit from his practical knowledge base and obtain unique insights into the life of a medical student and receive priceless pearls of wisdom.

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Very good idea.
By Javed I. on 14. October 2019 for Qbank Walkthrough USMLE Step 1 Tutorials

Fantastic idea.I like it very much.It will be great if you will cover all topic for USMLE by this way.It helps me very much.

Test taking strategy is the key to a good score.
By Valery B. on 09. October 2019 for Qbank Walkthrough USMLE Step 1 Tutorials

I’ve been doing a lot of questions and lectures with other sources , unfortunately I felt that I was completely stuck, after my 3rd NBME. So I decide to try something new: Lecturio. So far, with the Qbank walkthrough tutorials, I’ve learnt a lot and I realize that the reason behind my slow improvement was simply a poor test taking strategy issue. Now I’m learning how to approach each question methodically and yes I can feel the improvement coming soon.

Self explanatory
By Afshan J. on 05. October 2019 for Qbank Walkthrough USMLE Step 1 Tutorials

Its informative with easy to understand way of explanation and cover all major aspects of that question

Quite good!
By Francis I. on 01. July 2019 for Qbank Walkthrough USMLE Step 1 Tutorials

The Walkthrough was quite good with illuminating explanations on the questions. It gave a nice insight into how to organise one's thought before answering the questions. However, it gave very little time for the reader to consider and attempt to answer the questions.