Public Health and Policy (Nursing)

Public Health and Policy (Nursing)

by Heide Cygan, DNP, RN

Health policy is the process of finding workable solutions to specific healthcare problems. This course offers an overview of how policies affect healthcare, with a focus on health insurance. No previous knowledge is required for this course. An understanding of health policy and health insurance is necessary for all nurses in order to effectively advocate for their clients.

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Your Educators of course Public Health and Policy (Nursing)

 Heide Cygan, DNP, RN

Heide Cygan, DNP, RN

Dr. Heide Cygan is an Associate Professor at Rush University College of Nursing in Chicago, where she is also the co-program director of the Advanced Public Health Nursing and Transformative Leadership: Population Health DNP programs. Dr. Cygan is board certified Advanced Public Health Nurse.

Dr. Cygan received her BSN from the University of Michigan and her DNP from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

For her professional achievements, she earned the Education MVP award from Rush University in 2019 and was named one of the 40 under 40 Emerging Nurse Leaders by Illinois Nurses Foundation in 2018. Dr. Cygan believes that all nurses have a commitment to understand the impact they have on the health of the public, and strives to energize students to examine patient outcomes through a population health lens.

Within Lecturio, Dr. Cygan will teach a course on Public Health Nursing.

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