Psychosocial Integrity (Nursing)

Psychosocial Integrity (Nursing)

by Jill Beavers-Kirby, Joanna Jackson, Diana Shenefield, PhD u.a.

Psychosocial Integrity

This course addresses topics likely to be tested in the NCLEX exam which refer to concepts of mental health throughout the various growth and development stages of life that result in a therapeutic patient environment.
The topics in this section typically encompass approximately 9% of the NCLEX exam. This percentage may vary up to + 3% depending upon the distribution in the content area.

Jill Beavers-Kirby, Anne Vanderputten and Joanna Jackson will also elaborate on:

  • End of Life Care
  • Family Dynamics
  • Grief and Loss

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Your Educators of course Psychosocial Integrity (Nursing)

 Jill Beavers-Kirby

Jill Beavers-Kirby

Jill Beavers-Kirby has gathered vast experience in the medical field and is currently working full-time with adults who have lymphoma and leukaemia. She teaches part-time, too.

Jill Beavers-Kirby received an ADN from Wytheville Community College in Wytheville, VA. Moreover, she received a BSN Online from the University of Phoenix, a Master of Science Acute Care Nurse Practitioner from Wright State University and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from the Ohio State University in 2011.

 Joanna Jackson

Joanna Jackson

Joanna Jackson is a Medical Compliance Manager who works as an independet contractor. She is responsible for for federal, state and local regulations for clinics. She amongst other things develops and implements policies that conform to current standards of nursing.

In the past Jackson has worked as Clinical Manager in the Psychiatry and as a Regional Nursing Supervisor. After completing her studies at Miami Valley Career Technology Center, where she was an Honor Roll student, she was a finalist in the Health Knowledge Bowl Regional Contest.

 Diana Shenefield, PhD

Diana Shenefield, PhD

Diana Shenefield works at the Assistant Nursing Faculty at the Huntington University in Indiana. Her work includes teaching fundamental skills in nursing, pathophysiology and pharmacology.
She has got a PhD in Nursing Education which she got in 2012 at the Capella University in Minnesota.
Shenefield can look back on years of experience in the medical care sector. She is also a member of certain nursing associations like the National League of Nurses and the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

 Anne Vanderputten

Anne Vanderputten

Anne Vanderputten works as a Clinical Manager at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in Ohio since 1994. Before that, she has worked at several other medical centers and has been part of medical committees. Twelve years’ experience as house supervisor in a trauma center and thirteen years of experience as a registered nurse in the acute care setting enable her to pass on quality knowledge to nursing and medical care students.
After completing her Associate of Science in Nursing in 1986, she also received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2013. Anne Vanderputten has also obtained many certifications such as the FEMA, the ACLS and the EKG Interpretation Certificate.

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No interaction
By mona y. on 17. July 2019 for Psychosocial Integrity (Nursing)

Made me sleepy, she was just reading a slides. There was not interaction between audience/ students and instructor.

Chemical and Other Dependencies
By Celeste S. on 31. January 2019 for Chemical and Other Dependencies (Nursing)

Very thorough summary review and topic detailed discussion without going off topic.

Outstanding Presenter.
By Dr Glenn G. on 29. June 2018 for Sensory/Perceptual Alterations (Nursing)

Diana Shenefield is terrific. She engages the viewer with her enthusiasm, her passion for the subject matter and her knowledge of the topic. While I'm a physician and not a nurse, patient care topics are vitally important for all healthcare practitioners. Diana's lectures are appropriate for any audience relating to patient care.

Very professional! Excellent pacing …
By Anne V. on 29. April 2016 for Stress Management (Nursing)

Very professional! Excellent pacing and comfortable, easy-to-listen to speaking voice.