Postoperative Care (Nursing)

Postoperative Care (Nursing)

by Samantha Rhea

Gain a Better Understanding of Postoperative Care in Nursing!

With this Lecturio online course, you can acquire exam-relevant knowledge about postoperative care—starting with different assessments necessary after surgery, leading to how to support the patient’s mobility as soon as possible and the selection of pain medication after surgery.

Besides high-quality video lectures, you can access quiz questions and educational objectives, plus download material. Start learning today!

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 Samantha Rhea

Samantha Rhea

Samantha Rhea MSN, RN has been a nurse since 2008 and a nursing faculty teacher since 2012. She has been recognized for clinical excellence as an interventional cardiology nurse and also led a Joint Commission Accredited Stroke Center. Ms. Rhea is an award-winning expert in clinical teaching and continues to maintain a current clinical practice and teaches at a University nursing program.

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