Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

by Adam Le Gresley, PhD

Organic chemistry is the study of the structures, properties, compositions, reactions, and preparations of carbon-containing compounds. Most organic compounds contain carbon and hydrogen, the backbones of organic chemistry, but often these compounds include any number of other elements, such as nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur.

Organic compounds are found in many modern materials, including but not limited to agrochemicals, food, fuel, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and plastics. They have been an important factor in economic growth and have proven foundational to fields like medicine, biotechnology, and biochemistry.

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Your Educators of course Organic Chemistry

 Adam Le Gresley, PhD

Adam Le Gresley, PhD

Dr. Adam Le Gresley is Professor of Organic Chemistry within the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Kingston University in London, United Kingdom.
He obtained his PhD in supramolecular organic chemistry from the University of Surrey in 2004, and undertook his postdoctoral research on photolabile compounds at Drexel College of Medicine in Philadelphia, USA. Currently, he is Director of Research and Enterprise of the School of Life Sciences, Pharmacy, and Chemistry at Kingston University. An experienced lecturer, Dr. Le Gresley has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students at Kingston University since 2009.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Le Gresley teaches courses on Chemistry.

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Organic chem course - my review
By Aniqah J. on 29. December 2021 for Organic Chemistry

I like this course because it is very concise and the videos are broken down into small manageable chunks. I also like how I can make quality notes from the video. I feel like I have learnt a lot from them and have found them really beneficial. The only criticism I would have is that I would like for some concepts to be made a little bit clearer as feel like I am not completely understand everything. However, that could just be because I'm a college student trying to learn uni-level stuff! I really like the questions afterwards but I think it would be even better if there was an explanation as to why that is the correct answer.

Not a bad lecturer overall, but organic chem could be taught a little better
By Neo M. on 20. December 2021 for Organic Chemistry

The lectures are difficult to understand due to pace and lack of subject detail

Reaction of haloalkanes
By Zeem K. on 19. October 2021 for Sn1 Reaction – Haloalkanes

Very easy the explain ation was very good thanks alot sir

Needs mechanisms
By Brandon S. on 12. December 2019 for Addition of Halogens – Alkanes and Alkenes

There needs to be mechanisms. The lecture, as-is, is entirely superficial.