Methods and Common Calculations
Methods and Common Calculations

Methods and Common Calculations

by Jared Rovny

No need to panic when it comes to physics!

However irrelevant it might sometimes seem, Physics is an essential course medical students need to feel comfortable with. Physics plays a huge role in medicine. As a doctor you must be able to understand the physics of the MRI, CT, and Xray. Your patient' bodies and the machines you use to diagnose, treat and monitor them follow the rules of medical physics, in amplitudes, fluid pressure, frequencies and waves.

Your tutor Jared Rovny, a graduate student and teaching fellow at Yale University, will make sure that you fully understand the topic of Physics and learn how to build a logical structure to approach this subject, which will also be helpful in other medical fields.

This course covers:

  • Introduction to Physics
  • Tools and Skills for Quantitative Thinking
  • How to Write Numbers, Unit Analysis and Proportionality
  • Scientific Notation

Prepare for your MCAT exam with Jared Rovny. You won't be disappointed! Comprehensive high-yield content like topic reviews and quizzes will support your self-paced learning progress.

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Your Educators of course Methods and Common Calculations

 Jared Rovny

Jared Rovny

Jared Rovny has a strong academic background in Physics research and education, and currently researches modern topics in medical Physics. He has taught a wide variety of physics classes over many years, receiving awards for his teaching and high recommendations from students. Jared has been helping students prepare specifically for the physics on their MCAT exams for over 7 years, and works hard to create clear, visual explanations. He is committed to the importance of education, working with Yale's Center for Teaching and Learning as he continues to research and teach.

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One of the most sopisticated introductions i have seen so far
By Neuer N. on 22. December 2020 for Methods and Common Calculations: Introduction

Introduction can be boring and steer you away from a topic. This one, in my opinion does the exact oposite.

I have no comments since it's simply amazing!
By MoonPie L. on 05. December 2020 for Methods and Common Calculations: Introduction

LOVED IT~! The person teaches amazingly and makes it simple!

Great job
By Fabio L. on 25. March 2020 for Tools & Skills for Quantitative Thinking and Scientific Notation

This introduction is simple and dense. Very good for both beginning and summarizing the whole subject of the course.

Great Speaker and knowledge
By Reg H. on 07. January 2019 for Methods and Common Calculations

Great speaker. I enjoyed the calculations even though the formulas could be used using a scientific program would be easier rather than using ^2 for example!