Meditations for Healthcare Students and Workers

Meditations for Healthcare Students and Workers

by Lecturio Online Courses
In the field of education, meditation practice has been shown to create better outcomes in certain types of assessment as it allows you to sustain attention for a longer period when you are learning. Research has shown that mindful meditation prior to learning can help you maintain focus during knowledge transfer and thus improve your performance in subsequent assessments. Another benefit comes from its reductive effect towards stress: Acute and Chronic Stress can cause neurotransmitter imbalances, atrophy of neurons, and reduction of key neurotransmitters that are required for effective, lasting learning. A favourable learning environment that ensures stress is kept to an appropriate level can help you acquire knowledge more effectively. Through this short meditation course, you should be able to practice mindful meditation with the aim of improving your ability to focus and optimizing knowledge transfer, supporting you on your path towards durable mastery of medical concepts.

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Your Educators of course Meditations for Healthcare Students and Workers

 Lecturio Online Courses

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meditation are great
By Maytte M. on 30. January 2023 for Meditation: Concentration

recently graduated nursing school and I am having some trouble getting back to my study habits. I really love these meditations! please keep adding more.

Helpful tool to have before exams
By Arianna D. on 13. July 2022 for Meditation: Anxiety

I don’t feel as anxious as I did before starting the meditation. I will resume my studying and refer back to it if necessary. I will definitely utilize this meditation and the affirmations before my HESI.

A wonderful re-set of one's peace
By Ki B. on 04. April 2022 for Meditation: Trusting the Mind

Absolutely blissful. Easy to fit in on a before shift or during a restroom/mental health break at work. Thank you for adding this to the courseware so that we can strive toward our own holistic health as well as our patients'.

I wish I had practiced this long before. Thanks Lecturio!
By Ravinder A. on 01. April 2022 for Meditation: Affirmations before Exams

I would recommend this lecture to every student. I knew that meditation activates our parasympathetic system but never applied it in my life. Thanks for reinforcing this powerful technique.