Medication Administration (Nursing)
Medication Administration (Nursing)

Medication Administration (Nursing)

by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

Get a Better Understanding About Medication Administration in Nursing!

With this online course, you will achieve exam-relevant knowledge about medication administration in nursing—starting with the seven rights of medication administration, leading to the different forms of administration (e.g., oral, topical, subcutaneous) and what things to keep in mind post-procedure.

Besides high-quality video lectures, you will get access to quiz questions, learning objectives and download material. Start learning today!

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Your Educators of course Medication Administration (Nursing)

 Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN, is a Nursing Educator with extensive experience in the higher education industry and acute care facilities, and currently works as a Nursing Instructor at Rogers State University.
She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Nursing Science from Northeastern State University and her Master's degree in Nursing Education from the University of Oklahoma.
Since 2012, she has been teaching nursing students at various universities across the US, while also maintaining clinical practice as a registered nurse.
Within Lecturio, Samantha Rhea teaches courses on the Fundamentals of Nursing.

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Accurate and informative
By Arnoldo C. on 15. July 2022 for Subcutaneous (SubQ) Medication Administration: Drawing Medicine out of a Vial (Nursing)

My college instructor requires us to withdraw only the amount prescribed by the provider and to only withdraw the amount prescribed too. I like your method better because it allows me to clear the air from the needle early on while withdrawing the medication. Also, it is hard to withdraw 0.5mL air and then putting that 0.5mL because it is not enough air to create pressure to come back. I noticed I had difficulty withdrawing such a small quantity and the little air I put in made no difference. By putting more air in and withdrawing a larger amount then pushing back it, this is much easier. While I did pass my skill checkoff using my instructor method, this is definitely good to know for clinical practice.

Lab classes killed my passion for the content and this course revived it!
By Karen S. on 29. January 2022 for Medication Administration: Pre-procedure (Nursing)

Way better to understand than my lab teachings on this, way more instructive this way. Agreed worth the money.

Love her
By Tycoon L. on 29. June 2021 for Medication Administration: Pre-procedure (Nursing)

Amazing job, well spoken in every way. I can say I'm extremely confident definitely worth the money!