Medical Chemistry
Medical Chemistry

Medical Chemistry

by Adam Le Gresley, PhD

You may notice that the Medical Chemistry section contains an inordinately large number of videos. This is no accident. The fields of medicine and chemistry are very closely linked, as the principles of the latter, in some way or another, touch nearly every aspect of the former (e.g., pharmacokinetics, bioavailability, the mechanisms of antibiotic resistance, and the basic building blocks of proteins and amino acids and how they interact with one another). Being able to grasp the chemical interplay between the human body and its environment is important not only for researchers and drug developers but also for clinicians.

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 Adam Le Gresley, PhD

Adam Le Gresley, PhD

Dr. Adam Le Gresley is Professor of Organic Chemistry within the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Kingston University in London, United Kingdom.
He obtained his PhD in supramolecular organic chemistry from the University of Surrey in 2004, and undertook his postdoctoral research on photolabile compounds at Drexel College of Medicine in Philadelphia, USA. Currently, he is Director of Research and Enterprise of the School of Life Sciences, Pharmacy, and Chemistry at Kingston University. An experienced lecturer, Dr. Le Gresley has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students at Kingston University since 2009.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Le Gresley teaches courses on Chemistry.

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Great intro
By Marin W. on 26. March 2023 for Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics: Introduction

This lecture really cleared up the differences between pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics for me. I knew their definitions but felt like they overlapped, and putting them into stages made it make much more sense. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

Very good structure, excellent explanation, really enjoyed!
By Mirela P. on 27. August 2022 for Medical Chemistry

Very good structure, excellent explanation, really enjoyed! Thank you very much, Dr. Gresley!!!

Best teacher
By Rabiah A. on 05. June 2021 for Medical Chemistry

Great method of teaching... i have learnt a lot from this lecture and i like it very much

By Aliannya N. on 25. August 2020 for Medical Chemistry

Quite an informative lecture. Helpful in breaking down complex concepts.