Lecturio’s Free Student Events On-Demand

Lecturio’s Free Student Events On-Demand

by Lecturio Online Courses

Maximize your success in medical school!
We know medical school is both challenging and rewarding. We are presenting online events focused on students’ perspectives and the unique needs of medical students. Connecting live is what we enjoy most about these sessions – but we want to provide anyone who could not join us live or has just heard of our events the opportunity to see this content. Find our student events in the course “Lecturio’s Free Student Events On-Demand.” We will regularly add new event recordings to this course.
We will cover:

  • Practical tips to ace your USMLE® exam
  • Hands-on study hacks to make your med school life easier
  • Deep-dives into challenging med school topics

Special guests, our educators, and even real medical students share their experiences, give tips and insights for the USMLE® and other exams, and go through the hardest med school topics with you. Join us live or watch the recording in this course, always available whenever you're in need of a little motivation or study boost.

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  • Duration 7:02 h
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Your Educators of course Lecturio’s Free Student Events On-Demand

 Lecturio Online Courses

Lecturio Online Courses

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Great info for Med and NP students!
By Gao D. on 29. November 2021 for Student to Student: How to Rock Your Clinical Rotations

Great presentation. Enjoyed and learned quite a bit. Appreciate this course.

Physical Examination Session
By Ricardo N. on 30. October 2021 for Lecturio Live – Session 1: Physical Examination with Dr. Stephen Holt

Dr. Stephen Holt was amazing and really motivated me to further develop my physical examination skills.

Amazing lecture
By Alejandro V. on 05. October 2021 for Lecturio’s Free Student Events On-Demand

Focusing on observation and physical examination is the best way to manage a patient

Maintain on demand event for medical students and doctors, and request participants to share
By Aboubacar K. on 27. September 2021 for Lecturio’s Free Student Events On-Demand

Steadfast and goal-oriented motivated participants wouldn't miss any event. Either due to other academic/clinical/administrative chores or some geographic time difference, the on-demand session is of help to the conscious learn-the-hard way students and mentors. What I liked it that the event is not missed but rather a time changed, only. Will recommend this course wonderful to both medical students and physicians.