Jumpstart Your Study Skills (Nursing)

Jumpstart Your Study Skills (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

Jump-start your career as a nurse

Conducted by Certified Nurse Educator Rhonda Lawes, this nursing course will provide you with tips on how to confidently start off your journey as a nurse. With a wide variety of topics discussed, such as medications used for different types of cases, you will acquire the key elements of nursing theory that you will later apply in practice.

As you come towards the end of this series of lectures, you will gradually develop some of the most important qualities in the profession. You will become more action-oriented, more communicative with patients, and more proficient at problem-solving.

In addition to watching our high-quality video lectures, you can access quiz questions and download study materials. Start learning today!

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Your Educators of course Jumpstart Your Study Skills (Nursing)

 Rhonda Lawes

Rhonda Lawes

Rhonda Lawes is a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) and Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma. She worked as a nurse manager at the Saint Francis Hospital and the Broken Arrow Medical Center. She has completed her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at Oklahoma State University.

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How to stop making excuses & procrastination
By Mamie C. on 29. July 2019 for Jumpstart Your Study Skills: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

I am a procrastinator when it time to study. I think these techniques will help me with medical-surgical nursing Encourages positive thinking & reinforcement

By mona y. on 17. July 2019 for Jumpstart Your Study Skills (Nursing)

Very good . Lot of information she delivered that all nursing students need

Off to a great "Jumpstart"
By Debora H. on 03. July 2019 for Jumpstart Your Study Skills (Nursing)

Rhonda Lawes is engaging and informative. She offers great advice in this series of videos. I wish I could have been in her classes, wait a minute, I am in her class... thanks to Lecturio!

This is absolutely true!!!
By blight n. on 15. June 2019 for Learning: Myths and Illusions (Nursing)

True. It's not a matter of high-paced learning. It's about having the patience and perseverance to do the same thing all over and over again.