Ionic Chemistry
Ionic Chemistry

Ionic Chemistry

by Adam Le Gresley, PhD

Ionic chemistry is the field of chemistry that focuses on ions and ionic bonds, including the concepts of acid–base reactions, oxidizing and reducing agents, buffer capacity, and equilibrium. Ionic bonding is the complete transfer of valence electrons between atoms. This type of chemical bond generates ions of opposite charges. In ionic bonds, the nonmetal becomes a negatively charged anion via acceptance of electrons, while the metal loses those electrons to become a positively charged cation.

These concepts are extremely important for understanding basic physiologic functions, pharmacologic mechanisms, and the interplay between the two in the body. Buffers, for example, are regulators of pH in the bloodstream, while acid–base chemistry is key to understanding respiratory physiology. A strong grasp of ionic chemistry will serve you well in the field of medicine.

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 Adam Le Gresley, PhD

Adam Le Gresley, PhD

Dr. Adam Le Gresley is Professor of Organic Chemistry within the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Kingston University in London, United Kingdom.
He obtained his PhD in supramolecular organic chemistry from the University of Surrey in 2004, and undertook his postdoctoral research on photolabile compounds at Drexel College of Medicine in Philadelphia, USA. Currently, he is Director of Research and Enterprise of the School of Life Sciences, Pharmacy, and Chemistry at Kingston University. An experienced lecturer, Dr. Le Gresley has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students at Kingston University since 2009.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Le Gresley teaches courses on Chemistry.

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Excellent walkthrough of the complexities of Acid-Base calculations
By Stephen F. on 06. January 2024 for Calculation Examples – Acid-Base Reactions

These calculations were very thorough in presenting the systematic approach to breaking down Acid-Base reactions. It's almost stoichiometric, just with different underlying equations. Review questions were challenging, and the situation of having coefficients in the calculations (i.e. in the polyprotic case) we're covered explicitly

Very good structure!
By Mirela P. on 16. April 2022 for Ionic Chemistry

Dr. Adam Le Gresley is explaining perfect! Thank you very much!!!

Needs more detail
By Neuer N. on 14. April 2022 for Equilibrium – Acid-Base Reactions

There's some good information in here, but it definitely cannot be taught by itself and will need supplemental textbooks to fill in some of the details.

Wonderfully taught module
By Neo M. on 20. December 2021 for Ionic Chemistry

Wonderful lessons, knowledgeable lecturer, however ample detail is left to be desired.