How to Get into Medical School
How to Get into Medical School

How to Get into Medical School

by Kevin Ahern, PhD

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This course will provide you with high yield information on how to get into Medical School, including facts about medical experience, the application process and the interview.

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 Kevin Ahern, PhD

Kevin Ahern, PhD

Kevin Ahern received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Oklahoma State University, and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Oregon State University. Currently working as professor of biochemistry and biophysics at Oregon State University, he loves to write poetry and song lyrics. His previous works include “A Limerick a Day For a Year” and “Merry Metabolic and Miscellanic Melodies”. He is also a co-author of the popular biochemistry textbooks, “Biochemistry Free and Easy”.

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Great Lecture
By Ilay B. on 06. August 2018 for Medical School Interview

It was a unique lecture for me. I learned different information about the medical school interviews. I also get what they test during the interviews. It was interesting. I recommend this lecture to every pre-med student.

Best introduction for medical student
By Azhar A. on 27. July 2018 for Introduction - Who are You?

I like this video due to the importance of a Medical student to reflect to these type of questions and to know that being a Medical student isn't all about being smart , but rather being more diseplent to work harf .

I find this video inspiring and very accurate as to the way it gives students a close approach to what really matters.
By Alejandra J. on 05. July 2018 for The Performance Component

I would recommend this video not only to my friends but to anyone who's trying to make their way into med school and that's because it has an amazing way of inspiring students to not only become the best version of themselves but to really focus on what's important, not just the grades but mastering the knowledge and abilities that would get them closer to being the great physicians they dream of being.

The most important message is why you want to be a doctor and how. Second is to be unique and to show your characters. Finally,
By khalid A. on 08. June 2018 for How to Get into Medical School

you need to show your unique characters, and behave as an adult. Be able to convince the interviewers that you know what you need and how you can achieve it. finally, you need more than one recommendation and from doctors.

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