How Light and Sound Interact with Matter

How Light and Sound Interact with Matter

by Jared Rovny, PhD

This course covers the material of content category 4D of the official MCAT exam content outline.

Matter is constantly interacting with energy, absorbing it from different sources and transmitting it. One of these sources is visible light, part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which enables the transmission of energy via the radiation of photons. Another source is sound waves, another type of radiation that transmits energy through vibrations.

In this course, the student will be introduced to the basics of the interactions between light, sound, and matter. For optimal comprehension, students are required to have a college-level understanding of physics.

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Your Educators of course How Light and Sound Interact with Matter

 Jared Rovny, PhD

Jared Rovny, PhD

Dr. Jared Rovny has been a Lecturer at Yale University in Connecticut, USA since 2013.
He obtained his PhD in Physics from Yale University in 2019. He was awarded the D. Allan Bromley Graduate Fellowship in Physics in 2019 and the Princeton Quantum Institute Postdoctoral Fellow in 2020.
Currently, he works with Yale's Center for Teaching and Learning at Yale University.
Due to his achievements, he earned the Yale College Prize Teaching Fellowship for his work in PHYS 171 (University Physics for the Life Sciences).
Within Lecturio, Dr. Rovny teaches courses on Physics.

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Great lesson!
By Maria G. on 05. February 2020 for Decibels

Very clear explanations. Thank you guys for your educational efforts. You make studying enjoyable.

Here It is the best centre to gain the good amount of knowledge of physics through lecturer Jared Rovny!!!
By Kothai S. on 24. August 2018 for Interference

Superb !!! An Elaborate amount of the knowledge about physics is provided beautifully and consistently !!! Jared Rovny is best lecturer I have ever seen in my life !!!