Health Care Organizations (Nursing)

Health Care Organizations (Nursing)

by Christy Hennessey (Davidson), DNP, RNC-OB

With this course, you will achieve exam-relevant knowledge about health care organizations—starting with access to health care, leading to health care policy and patient safety.

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Your Educators of course Health Care Organizations (Nursing)

 Christy Hennessey (Davidson), DNP, RNC-OB

Christy Hennessey (Davidson), DNP, RNC-OB

Dr. Christy Hennessey, formerly Davidson, is the Director of Academic Success, and Nursing Faculty Teacher in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences at the accredited online Capella University.
She obtained her Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree from the University of South Alabama, in Alabama, USA. Currently, she is Campus Dean of the Ontario Campus of West Coast University, California.
She has worked in healthcare for over 20 years and is passionate about nursing education and professional development.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Hennessey teaches courses on Leadership in Nursing.

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great explanation
By ANN u. on 15. October 2023 for Standard Precautions – Patient Safety (Nursing)

very well explained..easy to follow..most of the all important points to answer the question is mentioned

By Carito L. on 23. October 2019 for Health Care Organizations (Nursing)

Excellent review, profesional presentation I like it very much I recommend Lecturio Thank you