by Jared Rovny

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Where do energy, heat and light come from? It took many people a lot of time to answer those questions, but in this course you will get to know those concepts in a time-efficient way! Learn how electricity and the forces between different electrical object are described.

Your tutor Jared Rovny will introduce you to complicated ideas like fields and electric energy. He is a graduate student at Yale University and an expert in teaching medical students for their MCAT exam.

He will cover the following topics:

  • Electric Charge
  • Coulomb's Law
  • Conductors and Insulators
  • Electricity in Context
  • Electric Potential and Voltage
  • Electric Potential Energy

Studying Physics should not be hard for you! Try out our high-quality video lectures, which include many mnemonics and clinical pearls, and you will notice a huge progress in your daily studies. To further support you, we will provide topic reviews, quizzes and all the slides you see to download. This way you can repeat and refresh your knowledge whenever and whereever you want. Study online or offline, at home or on the run.

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  • Duration 0:48 h
  • Quiz questions 25
  • Articles 2


Your Educators of course Electrostatics

 Jared Rovny

Jared Rovny

Jared Rovny has a strong academic background in Physics research and education, and currently researches modern topics in medical Physics. He has taught a wide variety of physics classes over many years, receiving awards for his teaching and high recommendations from students. Jared has been helping students prepare specifically for the physics on their MCAT exams for over 7 years, and works hard to create clear, visual explanations. He is committed to the importance of education, working with Yale's Center for Teaching and Learning as he continues to research and teach.

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By Karan D. on 14. November 2017 for Coulomb's Law: Example

Jared has concise and clear approach to the subject of physics. A good teacher is very important to understand concepts of physics.