Didactic Classes Tips (RN)
Didactic Classes Tips (RN)

Didactic Classes Tips (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

How on earth do you study for tests that have more than one right answer and read a textbook that's as tall as it is wide? Well, there are methods. The modules in this course are designed to get you organized and ready to tackle even the most content-heavy courses.

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Your Educators of course Didactic Classes Tips (RN)

 Elizabeth Russ, FNP

Elizabeth Russ, FNP

Elizabeth Russ is a Family Nurse Practitioner (NP) and business owner.

Nurse Liz, as she is affectionately known, regularly offers tips to help nursing students excel in their careers. She uses social media to document the joys and challenges that come with being a working parent and healthcare professional.

Her platform is designed to be an open and safe space where students can share their experiences and insights to build confidence and encourage growth in one another as part of a community.

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