Clinical Medicine (PA)

Clinical Medicine (PA)

by Joseph Alpert, MD, Paul Moss, PhD, OBE, FMed, FRCPath, Jeremy Brown, PhD, MRCP(UK), MBBS u.a.
Clinical Medicine is the main framework of the PA educational material. This course compilation offers an extensive overview of all the systems involved in your clinical study such as the gastrointestinal, renal, and, most importantly, the cardiovascular system.

As you go through the courses offered in this curriculum, you will learn about these systems through the PA perspective.

On completing this course, you would have mastered how to answer questions covering PA curriculum topics within clinical medicine and will become more confident with practically applying your acquired knowledge. With the comprehensive information gained from these lectures, you will be walking the steps of a successful physician assistant.

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Course Details

  • Videos 901
  • Duration 73:37 h
  • Quiz questions 2689
  • Concept Pages 623