Circuit Elements
Circuit Elements

Circuit Elements

by Jared Rovny, PhD

Circuits are a vital piece of infrastructure in the functioning of our daily lives, so it is important to understand their component parts and the laws that guide electrical flow through them. A circuit board’s functioning is dependent on its electrical components, and circuit boards feature different components depending on the device or product for which they are intended. Therefore, an in-depth understanding of resistors, transistors, capacitors, inductors, and diodes is vital to grasp the functioning of a circuit as a whole.

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 Jared Rovny, PhD

Jared Rovny, PhD

Dr. Jared Rovny has been a Lecturer at Yale University in Connecticut, USA since 2013.
He obtained his PhD in Physics from Yale University in 2019. He was awarded the D. Allan Bromley Graduate Fellowship in Physics in 2019 and the Princeton Quantum Institute Postdoctoral Fellow in 2020.
Currently, he works with Yale's Center for Teaching and Learning at Yale University.
Due to his achievements, he earned the Yale College Prize Teaching Fellowship for his work in PHYS 171 (University Physics for the Life Sciences).
Within Lecturio, Dr. Rovny teaches courses on Physics.

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electric circuit lecture is good
By dr. Jadumoni g. on 10. July 2022 for Circuit Elements

I wanted to know about induced current and difference between galvanic and faradic current. it is not included there.

Well done!
By Fatema F. on 17. February 2020 for Circuit Elements

Simple approach for a complex topic which shows the presenter’s depth of knowledge