Chemistry: Introduction
Chemistry: Introduction

Chemistry: Introduction

by Adam Le Gresley, PhD

The basics of Chemistry

This course is the first part of the Chemistry Course. You will be introduced to the science of Chemistry itself and learn about some chemical basics.

Our expert Dr. Adam Le Gresley will teach you about quantum numbers as well as chemical bonding.
Another focus lies on Stereochemistry and Electronegativity.
This course contains Structure and properties of matter.

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  • Duration 2:18 h
  • Quiz questions 12
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Your Educators of course Chemistry: Introduction

 Adam Le Gresley, PhD

Adam Le Gresley, PhD

Dr. Adam Le Gresley is Associate Professor in the department of Pharmacy and Chemistry at Kingston University London.
Le Gresley was awarded his PhD in supramolecular organic chemistry by the University of Surrey in 2004 and carried out his postdoctoral research on photolabile compounds at Drexel College of Medicine in Philadelphia, USA, funded by the NIH.

He was appointed to the Faculty of Science at Kingston University in 2009, where he has been teaching on U/G and P/G courses within chemistry, pharmacy and the biological sciences for the last 6 years. In addition to teaching, Le Gresley maintains a small research group, funded by a number of industrial partners including GlaxoSMithKline with interests in NMR metabolomics, the synthesis of new in vitro diagnostic probes for problem pathogens and novel Rab7 inhibitors for the treatment of diabetes.
He is a regular reviewer for a number of peer-reviewed journals and has contributed to the development of courses across the faculty. Le Gresley was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2011 and subsequently to Associate Professor in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry in 2013.

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goes too fast/vague
By Vinas P. on 30. March 2017 for Chemistry: Introduction

did a good job explaining basic atomic structure but fails to explain what an atom really looks like. Jumps into the technicalities and skims through them too quickly. I had to consult various other sources to fully understand the concept; not something I should have to do with a paid service.

By mark eli v. on 19. February 2017 for Chemistry: Introduction

very good content. vibe just felt too serious. i recommend this to anyone who needs a refresh.

Explained perfectly
By Zmo h. on 04. February 2017 for Introduction to Chemistry

Dr. Gresley explained the lessons in a very simple, easy to understand type of way.

Thank you sir its really awesome
By Rohan P. on 10. January 2017 for Quantum Numbers

Thank you sir its really awesome. keep it up it helps me

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