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Math is a basic subject necessary to help you on your way to studying medicine. Even if it is not an explicit MCAT section, it does provide an important foundation which will help you to better understand several scientific disciplines such as physics, biology, and sociology. A basic mathematical understanding is especially important to fully and immediately get to grips with physical topics and be able to quickly solve any related tasks. This is why it is recommended to attend a calculus course, which is also a requirement for MCAT exam admission.

At Lecturio you will find math and statistics in two separate courses in order to address each topic in detail.

Comprehensive download material and specialized lecture notes will help you to strengthen your knowledge. Furthermore, the comment section gives you the chance to personally ask the instructor questions that will be answered as quickly as possible.

Additionally, by answering the course’s quiz questions you will be able to constantly assess your learning progress and optimize your exam preparation.

Learn math in a straightforward and effective way—with Lecturio!

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 Batool Akmal

Batool Akmal

Batool Akmal has been teaching a-level and college level maths for over 7 years at one of the top colleges in Cardiff, Wales. She is the Director of the colleges' Honours Programme whereby she supports students with their applications to Cambridge, Oxford and other top universities, to study subjects such as Medicine and Dentistry. Batool also runs her own mathematics tuition and revision company and provides online support to her students through her website. Batool is enthusiastic and passionate about the study of Mathematics.

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Like it all
By Mohammad zia Z. on 09. May 2021 for Calculus Methods: Differentiation

This professor is just great! I like all over her lectures.

Like it very much
By Eduardo Claudio M. on 24. August 2020 for Differentiation of Inverse Functions

Give the basic information you must know and explain it in a way you can understand easily

One concern
By Charles P. on 09. July 2019 for Calculus Methods: Gradients and First Principles

I have trouble reading the instructor's writing at times which makes following the equations difficult.

By Mohamed F. on 12. June 2019 for Quotient Rule, Chain Rule and Product Rule

I like it very much , the tutor is really amazing and her examples are so clear in every step