by Batool Akmal

Calculus is the branch of mathematics that focuses on the study of curved lines and surfaces. It is divided into differential and integral calculus. There has been an ongoing debate in the history of science regarding its inventor. Be it Newton, Leibniz, or both, the methods used in calculus today are a combination of the contributions made by both these luminaries.

In this course, students will be introduced to the concept of gradients; differentiation applied to trigonometry; implicit and parametric differentiation; exponential and logarithmic functions; derivatives, chain, products, and quotient rules; stationary points; and basic and advanced integration with a focus on their applications in medicine. For optimal comprehension, students should have a high-school–level understanding of arithmetic and algebra.

Be it engineering, physics, chemistry, statistics and data science, astronomy, or medicine, calculus has a myriad of applications for each subject area. Furthermore, mathematical thinking is a very important virtue that any scientist, including physicians, should cultivate to achieve trustworthy observations.

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 Batool Akmal

Batool Akmal

Batool Akmal is the founder of A-level Maths Cardiff; a mathematics tuition and revision company in Wales, UK.
She obtained her Mathematics and Physics Degree, and Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Cardiff University.
She was the Director of the Honours Programme at St. David’s Catholic College from 2012 to 2016 and Head of Numeracy from 2017-2019.
Within Lecturio, Batool Akmal teaches courses on Calculus.

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I understood the calculus introduction
By Hakika Z. on 14. March 2024 for Calculus: Introduction

Extremely perfect ? I enjoyed the lecture and fully understood the calculus introduction

useful for A-level maths
By Ani H. on 26. January 2024 for Trapezium Rule: Introduction

useful for A-level maths, helps with exams and understanding the concepts of integration

Excellent Course
By Rolito S. on 08. April 2023 for Advanced Integration

I learned a lot. It's easily understood. I enjoyed this course.

By Luca B. on 17. February 2023 for Quotient Rule, Chain Rule and Product Rule

Very interesting and usefull. It is also clearly and well explained