Calculus Methods: Gradients and First Principles
Calculus Methods: Gradients and First Principles

Calculus Methods: Gradients and First Principles

by Batool Akmal

Get started with Calculus!

Calculus is based on minimums and maximums, and is applied in a number of scientific fields, like medicine and architecture. Estimating growths or surfaces can be easily done by using calculus.

Join Batool Akmal, an experienced college and a-level teacher from Cardiff, Wales, as she will explain the basics of Calculus.

This course will teach you:

  • Basic knowledge of calculus
  • Gradients of lines and curves
  • First calculus methods
  • General rules
  • Challenges to deepen your knowledge

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Your Educators of course Calculus Methods: Gradients and First Principles

 Batool Akmal

Batool Akmal

Batool Akmal has been teaching a-level and college level maths for over 7 years at one of the top colleges in Cardiff, Wales. She is the Director of the colleges' Honours Programme whereby she supports students with their applications to Cambridge, Oxford and other top universities, to study subjects such as Medicine and Dentistry. Batool also runs her own mathematics tuition and revision company and provides online support to her students through her website. Batool is enthusiastic and passionate about the study of Mathematics.

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a very good explanation
By Anna B. on 06. March 2017 for Gradients of Straight and Curved Lines

the explanation was very clear , i've understood it very quickly , the vidéo is realy well done .

it was great
By lucie I. on 23. November 2016 for Gradients and First Principles: Exercise 3

it was great, everything was explained. At the end it completely made sense to me.