Calculus Methods: Differentiation
Calculus Methods: Differentiation

Calculus Methods: Differentiation

by Batool Akmal

Aspiring physicians often regard calculus as a subject for high school and college students—a requirement for passing their classes before leaving it behind forever. But in medicine, a fundamental understanding of calculus helps to drive important aspects of patient care.

For example, as a physician, when determining what the optimal dosing and administration frequency of a drug should be (e.g., “Take two capsules twice a day”), you must complete considerable behind-the-scenes work to determine the drug’s concentration over time in the body, to prevent both under- and overdosing. The way this is calculated is with calculus! In fact, this tracking can be accomplished using differential equation, a mathematical statement containing one or more derivatives—that is, terms representing the rates of change of continuously varying quantities.

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 Batool Akmal

Batool Akmal

Batool Akmal is the founder of A-level Maths Cardiff; a mathematics tuition and revision company in Wales, UK.
She obtained her Mathematics and Physics Degree, and Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Cardiff University.
She was the Director of the Honours Programme at St. David’s Catholic College from 2012 to 2016 and Head of Numeracy from 2017-2019.
Within Lecturio, Batool Akmal teaches courses on Calculus.

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it explained in a detail, and it very understandable. I would also suggest making extra test banks or past exams question on the topic available.

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By sheikh d. on 06. February 2017 for Differentiation Method

simple presentation with examples..learning mathematics makes economical in typing words