Calculation Methods: Exercises
Calculation Methods: Exercises

Calculation Methods: Exercises

by Batool Akmal

Many of the technological advances that physicians use every day are products of the concerted efforts of scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. One of the most common scenarios for the use of mathematics in medicine relates to statistics and probability for determining drug efficacy, or estimating survival in patients with chronic illness on therapy. Wherever you go in medicine—whether you are critically evaluating the latest research or describing probabilities to patients in terms they might understand—a solid grasp of mathematics will be crucial in patient care. In some fields of medicine, more advanced mathematics is often necessary.

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 Batool Akmal

Batool Akmal

Batool Akmal is the founder of A-level Maths Cardiff; a mathematics tuition and revision company in Wales, UK.
She obtained her Mathematics and Physics Degree, and Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Cardiff University.
She was the Director of the Honours Programme at St. David’s Catholic College from 2012 to 2016 and Head of Numeracy from 2017-2019.
Within Lecturio, Batool Akmal teaches courses on Calculus.

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