Acquired Neuromuscular Diseases

Acquired Neuromuscular Diseases

by Roy Strowd, MD
In this course, Dr. Roy Strowd will guide you through all of the relevant aspects of acquired neuromuscular diseases.

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 Roy Strowd, MD

Roy Strowd, MD

Roy Strowd, MEd, MD is a neurologist and oncologist at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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Excellent explanations easily followed and professional delivery
By george r. on 17. June 2021 for Acquired Neuromuscular Diseases

Excellent explanations of various myopathies delivered in a concise and professional manner. Thank You.

Fast and Furious
By Anne c. on 12. June 2021 for Acquired Neuromuscular Diseases

Facts are presented in every sentence - nice and terse yet heavy in explanation!

By Sac P. on 10. June 2021 for Clinical Approach to Muscle Disorders

Very good way to approach Neurological "Weakness" pathology... Highly appreciated...

Very good lecture series
By JOSE ANTONIO P. on 07. March 2021 for Antibody Assessments – Inflammatory Myopathies

The doctor gives clear-cut high yield material throughout the lecture´s series in an excellent well-presented manner. thank you, Dr!