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Beat the Boards
30 USMLE Step 1 Question Walkthroughs

This eBook is designed to guide you through USMLE questions by not only providing you with subject-specific preparation but also by helping you to acquire a systematic way of thinking. This way you will keep a cool head even with unknown, difficult questions.


Learn how to master USMLE Step 1 questions

30 case questions and cheat sheets to help you go through Qbank questions in a highly focused way. And every case comes with additional sources such as related video lectures and FA references.

With this eBook you will:

  • practice different types of USMLE questions.
  • learn important tricks on tackling the stems of USMLE questions.
  • get an overview of your current state of knowledge in the various USMLE topics.
  • be led to the right solution with tips for each question or additional sources, if you don’t know the correct answer right away.