CARS Theoretical Foundations

CARS Theoretical Foundations

by Lincoln Smith

The Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section of the MCAT exam is designed to test a student's ability to read a passage and interpret the information. It is commonly considered to be the most difficult portion of the exam, and presents a challenge for students wanting to maximize their score.

This course is specifically designed to provide the tools needed to be successful in navigating the CARS section of the MCAT. Students will learn how to analyze an author’s viewpoint, recognize common passage styles, and avoid common pitfalls that trip up students.

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Your Educators of course CARS Theoretical Foundations

 Lincoln Smith

Lincoln Smith

Lincoln Smith is an MCAT Instructor and Course Designer for the University of California San Diego Extension program.

He has published literature in creative and literary arts journals, scientific journals, and social beat news media. Lincoln has helped thousands of students across the private and public test prep sectors to succeed on their entrance exam to medical school.

Within Lecturio, Lincoln Smith teaches Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills for premedical students.

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