Respiratory Gross Anatomy

Respiratory Gross Anatomy

by Craig Canby, PhD

Understand the antomical concept of the respiratory tract!

Award-winning Prof. Craig Canby will provide you with exam-releavant informations about the structure of the lungs, mediastinum and cardicac valves. Also, you will get further information on the thoracic vessels and nerves.

Answer quiz questions to prove your medical knowledge and get topic reviews in order to read further informations.

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Your Educators of course Respiratory Gross Anatomy

 Craig Canby, PhD

Craig Canby, PhD

Dr. Craig Canby is Professor of Anatomy at Des Moines University in Iowa. He studied Biology and Chemistry at the Iowa Wesleyan College and later got his Ph.D. in Anatomy at the University of Iowa.
Canby has received many awards and honors for his work including the DPT Class of 2008 Teaching Excellence Award and the Award Hancher Finkbine Medallion.
His research is especially focused on anatomical variations and technology-enabled student learning.

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LARYNX missed & great in general
By ABDULRAHMAN K. on 24. May 2018 for Respiratory Gross Anatomy

it's great in general & helpful but u missed Important structure to included in this course which is the LARYNX

Poor Presentation
By Flora I. on 01. May 2018 for Veins โ€“ Thoracic Vessels

I chose this rating because the structures the Lecturer is describing are unclear and difficult to follow. If the instructure had better visualization--such as highlighting the veins as he spoke--that would help immensley. An additional thing that would have helped is to have a visual summary of which veins feed into which at the end of the segment so the students could organize the vein tributaries better in their minds. I like the over all information, it just needs to be presented better.

excellent lecture
By Lara Alicea A. on 08. February 2018 for Mediastinal Areas โ€“ Lungs, mediastinum and cardiac valves

Excellent overview. Explained thoroughly and succinctly. Thank you. Huge help.

By sabi y. on 23. January 2018 for Mediastinal Areas โ€“ Lungs, mediastinum and cardiac valves

Thank you Dr for the lectures. As an non English IMGs, I can't stop watching it again and again. Thank you again for talking slowly.

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