by Joseph Alpert, MD

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    00:00 So in summary, we've talked about dissection and we've talked about renal artery stenosis. • Dissection is a tearing of the inner lining of the artery which allows a passage of blood along a cleaved channel within the artery wall. • And as we talked about before, if not repaired surgically or with a catheter-placed stent, the dissection can rupture and be fatal.

    00:26 • Renal artery stenosis is often associated with the development of hypertension that can be quite severe. And we're going to be talking about hypertension in our next talk.

    00:36 • Renal artery stenosis can be the result of a congenital abnormal in the artery—that is fibromuscular dysplasia—or it can result from atherosclerosis; 95% of the time, it's due to atherosclerosis. • And treatment is in the form of antihypertensive medication or by opening the blocked renal artery.

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