Splenic Abnormalities

by Hetal Verma, MD

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    00:01 So let's move on to splenic abnormalities.

    00:03 It's actually very uncommon to find focal lesions within the spleen.

    00:07 So it's rare to find a splenic abnormality.

    00:09 The most common splenic lesion is a cyst and it's usually an incidentaloma or an incidental finding on a CT.

    00:18 So splenic cyst are well defined.

    00:21 They're smoothly marginated low density lesions that are found within the spleen as you can see right here.

    00:27 There's no enhancement after contrast administration.

    00:30 So what do you see on this image? There's an abnormality adjacent to the spleen.

    00:37 This is also a very common finding and usually found as an incidental finding.

    00:42 So what is that structure right there? It has the same density as the spleen and it's located right next to it.

    00:56 So this is actually a splenule. This is an accessory spleen.

    01:01 It's a very common incidental finding and it's again, a well circumscribed mass that has the same exact density as the spleen.

    01:08 It's found in close proximity to the spleen and often a patient may have multiple splenules that are seen.

    01:14 And again, these are asymptomatic and there's nothing that needs to be done about this.

    01:18 They're just a normal finding that we see on a CT.

    01:21 So we've reviewed multiple abnormalities of the gall bladder and the biliary system.

    01:26 It's important to recognize some of these abnormalities because ultrasound is often performed to evaluate for these.

    01:31 And hopefully this gives you a good background for the next talk.

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    The lecture Splenic Abnormalities by Hetal Verma, MD is from the course Abdominal Radiology.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Is an accessory spleen.
    2. Is a benign splenic cyst.
    3. Needs to be removed.
    4. Is a rare finding.
    5. Is of higher density than the spleen.
    1. These are precancerous lesions.
    2. It is well-defined structures.
    3. There is no enhancement on contrast administration.
    4. It is a low-density lesion seen within the spleen.
    5. They have a smooth margin.

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    Hetal Verma, MD

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