Case: Just Another Migraine?

by Charles Vega, MD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Case: Just Another Migraine? by Charles Vega, MD is from the course Acute Care.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Discuss avoiding activities that aggravate pain and send home with a night wrist splint
    2. Obtain an MRI of the neck
    3. Refer to hand surgeon
    4. Check HgA1c
    5. Obtain labs for erythrocyte sedamentation rate and rheumatoid factor
    1. Order an emergent spinal MRI and surgical evaluation
    2. Report the patient for malingering
    3. Ask the patient to obtain an early refill of her narcotics from the provider that she has signed a pain contract with
    4. Give the patient a 1-week refill of narcotics and send a message to her primary care provider to follow up
    5. Increase the patient's narcotic dosage, as her back pain is clearly progressing
    1. Incontinence
    2. Lower back pain
    3. Radiation of pain into legs
    4. Fatigue
    5. Age and gender
    1. Excisional biopsy in clinic today and await pathology
    2. Prescribe hydro-cortisone cream for the itching
    3. Reassure patient that it is a benign lesion and advise him to avoid scratching it
    4. Schedule for a re-check in 3 months time to monitor for any changes
    5. Advise patient to use moisturizing sun-cream and follow up if he notices any further changes in the size of the mole

    Author of lecture Case: Just Another Migraine?

     Charles Vega, MD

    Charles Vega, MD

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