Learn Statistics - Become Data Smart

Learn Statistics - Become Data Smart

by David Spade, PhD

Statistics: Basic and advanced principles

David Spade did his Ph. D. in statistics, thereby gaining great knowledge in this specific field. In this course he assists students of economics in mastering fundamental and advanced concepts.

Included are elements such as comparing distributions, probability, confidence intervals for proportions and the comparing of two means.

He also addresses the following topics:

  • Contingency tables
  • Linear regression
  • Sampling distributions for proportions and means
  • Hypothesis tests

Course Details

  • Videos 24
  • Duration 6:11 h
  • Quiz questions 195
  • Articles 18


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 David Spade, PhD

David Spade, PhD

David Spade is in his second year as an Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of Missouri—Kansas City. He earned his B.S. in Mathematics in 2006 from West Liberty University, his M.S. in Statistics from The Ohio State University in 2010, and his Ph.D. in Statistics from The Ohio State University in 2013. He has instructed a variety of statistics courses, ranging from the introductory level to graduate courses. He does research in the areas of Bayesian Statistics, Evolutionary Biology and Statistics Education.

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Very knowledgeable. Very informative
By Kirti P. on 16. August 2018 for Introduction to Statistics

It's good and very informative. The introduction of the statistics.. was to the point and appropriate.

The best USMLE Biostatistics resource I've found so far
By joshua W. on 17. July 2018 for Learn Statistics - Become Data Smart

So for a reference, I´m an MS2 preparing for step 1, and the biostatistics at my school is not very good. I´ve used Jeckel´s, UWORLD statistics questions, and First Aid. A lot of students write off statistics as a low yield subject, but I think (from what others have told me) is to score high you need to be fairly strong in all areas, and plus you want to make a solid doctor and learn the material regardless. Out of the resources I´ve used (correct me if there are better out there) that this is by far a cut above the other resources for the USMLE. He explains the concepts in a clear and easy way to understand, and more than equips you with the tools you need to go out there and ace the UWORLD, Kaplan, etc. questions. The Lecturio lecturers range from not to good to amazing, and I would highly recommend to watch this series through for any medical student, health sciences or premedical student taking a biostatistics class, or for anyone who wants to understand medical statistics a little better.

This lecture is the best.
By Arah G. on 06. June 2018 for Introduction to Statistics

This lecture is the best. I didn't struggle understanding the lesson.

Great Lecturer
By Curtis u. on 14. January 2018 for Introduction to Statistics

Clear and concise presentation. Questions follow the material as presented.