by David Spade, PhD

Statistics for medical students: Basic and advanced principles

David Spade did his Ph. D. in statistics, thereby gaining great knowledge in this specific field. In this course he assists students of economics in mastering fundamental and advanced concepts.

Included are elements such as comparing distributions, probability, confidence intervals for proportions and the comparing of two means.

He also addresses the following topics:

  • Contingency tables
  • Linear regression
  • Sampling distributions for proportions and means
  • Hypothesis tests

Course Details

  • Videos 24
  • Duration 6:10 h
  • Quiz questions 119
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 David Spade, PhD

David Spade, PhD

David Spade is in his second year as an Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of Missouri—Kansas City. He earned his B.S. in Mathematics in 2006 from West Liberty University, his M.S. in Statistics from The Ohio State University in 2010, and his Ph.D. in Statistics from The Ohio State University in 2013. He has instructed a variety of statistics courses, ranging from the introductory level to graduate courses. He does research in the areas of Bayesian Statistics, Evolutionary Biology and Statistics Education.

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This was a waste of time . Please put the tables on each slide if you expect us to follow what you are saying.
By C J S. on 17. July 2016 for Statistics

This was awful. The instructor is rattling off numbers and asking us to answer questions which refer to tables which we can't see because they are not posted. I don't know about you, but I can't visualize a table of new data for a few seconds and then answer questions on the data within a platform which is supposed to teaching a new concept. He seems like a knowledgeable man but this was not well thought out.