Learn Statistics - Become Data Smart

Learn Statistics - Become Data Smart

by David Spade, PhD

Statistics involves the collection and analysis of data. The collection of sets of data is as ancient as the Exodus and is also mentioned in the Book of Numbers for census data collection. The field of statistics took birth in the 17th century as a means for countries to interpret demographic data.

In this course, students will be introduced to the concepts of contingency tables, types of variables, types of distributions, measures of central tendency and dispersion, regression models, probability, and hypothesis testing. For optimal comprehension, a high-school–level understanding of arithmetic and algebra is important.

In the 21st century, as data science is becoming increasingly prominent, data-collection and analysis skills continue to be much sought after. Furthermore, in the medical field, the paradigm of evidence-based medicine requires physicians to be literate in the interpretation and application of data published in scientific journals. Additionally, physicians are encouraged to become researchers and continue to add valuable and relevant data to the literature, making it more encompassing and capable of enhancing patient outcomes.

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 David Spade, PhD

David Spade, PhD

Dr. David Spade is an Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences and Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and holds a courtesy appointment as an Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA.
He obtained his MS in Statistics in 2010 and then completed his PhD in Statistics from Ohio State University in 2013.
An experienced mathemathics instructor, Dr. Spade has been teaching diverse statistics courses from the introductory to the graduate level since 2007.
Within Lecturio, he teaches courses on Statistics.

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Table and explanation visible at the same time
By Cassandra W. on 10. March 2024 for Probability Models

I think it would’ve been easier to follow if the table that he’ refers to is visible at the same time he’s giving the explanation..

By Hau P. on 13. October 2021 for Statistics Part 1

Great video with easy explanation The good page for learning

By Mohamad A. on 13. September 2021 for Summarizing Quantitative Variables

The explanation is smooth and clear. However, I think it would have been better if the common sense behind the formulas (especially the standard deviation) was explained in more detail so we can understand how the formulas work a little more deeply.

I like it
By Mohamad A. on 30. August 2021 for Statistics Part 1

The explanation is really good and entertaining. Some points require more different examples to be better understood.