Viral Hepatitis: Overview

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:01 Summary of some key features from all Hepatitis A through E.

    00:05 Let's walk through your table here.

    00:07 So that you're clear.

    00:08 A through E is where we are in this table. So another key table for you to extract from my lectures, so that you're clear about how to approach viral hepatitides.

    00:19 Genome type, Hepatitis A, single stranded RNA.

    00:24 Hepatitis B, double stranded DNA.

    00:27 Hepatitis C, single stranded RNA.

    00:30 Hepatitis D, partial right? single stranded, partial DNA.

    00:36 D cannot exist or should I say, that D, when associated with B, will then bring about Fulminant hepatitis.

    00:45 And E, single stranded RNA. You think E, where are you? Indian subcontinent, Mexico and pregnancy dropped at the bottom Hepatitis E please.

    00:57 Twenty percent mortality in pregnancy.

    01:02 Sexual transmission.

    01:04 Three of these will do that, B, C and D.

    01:08 Fecal-oral, A and E.

    01:13 Parenteral transmission, you sure thinking about B and D.

    01:19 Parenteral transmission, transfusions very rare.

    01:22 Remember the tennis player back in the day. Maybe perhaps if you're a tennis player, or know, with Arthur Ashe, unfortunately with blood transfusion, ended up acquiring Hepatitis C.

    01:35 Chronic hepatitis, we have majority of your chronicity will be dealing with Hepatitis C.

    01:42 When it comes to Hepatitis D, 90% with super-infection, super-infection with which are of Hepatitis B.

    01:50 Fulminant.

    01:52 Rare from any of these.

    01:54 A little bit more of Hepatitis D and definitely 1% only with Hepatitis E with that pregnancy.

    02:01 With pregnancy, this jumps up to 20%.

    02:05 Important tables that you want to extract from my lectures to make sure that you have a full story of what's going on with viral hepatitis.

    02:12 And eventually, make sure that you take a look at the micro, in which you've been explained very clearly as with the vaccination regimen especially for Hepatitis B please.

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    Carlo Raj, MD

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    well explanation
    By Belinda C. on 11. June 2018 for Viral Hepatitis: Overview

    Excellent! Dr Carlo covered hepatology well. Thank you so much.