Flucytosine (5-Fluorocytosine/5-FC) – Antifungals

by Pravin Shukle, MD

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    00:00 Let's move on to flucytosine.

    00:03 Now flucytosine is a different class of medication.

    00:07 It also an antimetabolite that's used in cancer chemotherapy.

    00:11 It's eliminated in the urine.

    00:13 So dose adjustments going to be necessary in patients who are, who have renal disease.

    00:20 It is relatively narrow spectrum agent.

    00:22 And it's used almost exclusively in cryptococcus neoformans infections.

    00:28 The mechanism of action, it's actually included into the -- through the cell wall by a membrane permease.

    00:39 And then that concentration inside the cell is actually increasing and accumulative.

    00:44 It's converted by cytosine deaminase from flucytosine to 5-FU.

    00:49 So 5-FU is 5 flourocytosine.

    00:52 5-FU then blocks the production of thymidine through inhibiting thymidylate synthase.

    00:59 So now you're starting to interfere with actual production of DNA fragments and RNA fragments.

    01:06 When combined with amphotericin B or itraconazole, synergy occurs.

    01:11 So you actually get a very strong combination effect with these two agents together.

    01:16 In terms of toxicity there is a reversible bone marrow depression that you sometimes see, you can sometimes see alopecia as well.

    01:26 So hair loss and of course liver dysfunction.

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    Pravin Shukle, MD

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