Summary of Hepatitis A to E & Miscellaneous Viral Hepatitis

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    Summary of some key features from all Hepatitis A through E. Let's walk through your table here. So that you're clear. A through E is where we are in this table. So another key table for you to extract from my lectures, so that you're clear about how to approach viral hepatitides. Genome type, Hepatitis A, single stranded RNA. Hepatitis B, double stranded DNA. Hepatitis C, single stranded RNA. Hepatitis D, partial right? single stranded, partial DNA. D cannot exist or should I say, that D, when associated with B, will then bring about Fulminant hepatitis. And E, single stranded RNA. You think E, where are you? Indian subcontinent, Mexico and pregnancy dropped at the bottom Hepatitis E please. Twenty percent mortality in pregnancy. Sexual transmission. Three of these will do that, B, C and D. Fecal-oral, A and E. Parenteral transmission, you sure thinking about B and D. Parenteral transmission, transfusions very rare. Remember the tennis player back in the day. Maybe perhaps if you're a tennis player, or know, with Arthur Ashe, unfortunately with blood transfusion, ended up acquiring Hepatitis C. Chronic hepatitis, we have majority of your chronicity will be dealing with Hepatitis C. When it comes to Hepatitis D, 90% with super-infection, super-infection with which are of Hepatitis B. Fulminant. Rare from any of these. A little bit more of Hepatitis D and definitely 1% only with Hepatitis E with that pregnancy. With pregnancy, this jumps up to 20%. Important tables that you want to extract from my lectures to make sure that you have a full story of what's going on with viral hepatitis. And eventually, make sure that you take a look at the micro, in which you've been explained very clearly as with the vaccination regimen especially for Hepatitis B please. ...

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    Carlo Raj, MD

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